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Case study #3

is a multinational IT Provider for the global travel and tourism industry, with annual revenue of Revenue €3.103 billion (2013), and total assets worth €5.427 billion (end 2013)

is an MVC application framework written in JavaScript for building rich and large-scaled enterprise web applications

1. Overview

Amadeus software products require powerful, complex Javascript and a review of all open source Javascript frameworks at the time didn't come up with something that would cover all of their requirements.

As such Amadeus decided to stick to their strategy of creating and maintaining their own custom Javascript framework.

A lot of lessons had been learned, during the developement of their first framework, which had been developed since 2009, and they wanted to re-write this existing framework, re-architecting it around lessons learned and making use of modern best practices, and developments in browser functionality.


2. The Context and Challenge

Challenges included coming to the project after it having already been in developed for 1 year, and having to get up to speed with a very complex Javascript framework very quickly.

My role as a senior developer was to define requirements and transform into new features.

An example of the kind of complex vanilla Javascript development I was doing at Amadeus, is the Multi-select widget, which is like a combination between a datepicker and an auto-complete, having characteristics of both widgets.

As with all Aria Templates widgets, this widget includes data-binding, and can consist of other widgets such as checkboxes.

Multi select javascript widget

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