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Case study #3

BokaKanot is a startup that provides a powerful white label booking and inventory management system for the outdoor adventure market

1. Overview

BokaKanot needed an online booking and inventory management system which would be their core product and central customer mangement system.

This project lasted about 6 months, during which time I designed the user flows, booking process, the backend administration system, and I also architected, designed and developed the entire database and application.


2. The Context and Challenge

The client was looking for a white label booking system, that could be used to provide a Software as a Service (SaaS) product in the field of Outdoor adventure equipment rental. This includes products like Kayaks, Canoes, safety equipment etc.

One of the main challenges of this project was delivering a diverse and flexible system that could be expanded in many different directions as cheaply as possible, while at the same time maintaining first classs code quality.

We did this by strictly priortising the most important requirements, and continually checking against budget and making sure that we kept a health balance between functionality and features.

We also leveraged the lastest technologies at the time to get as much of a headstart as possible in terms of architecture and future maintainability of code.

This project was developed with Javascript and PHP using the following framworks:

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