Fluent Synth

This is a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) in the web browser created using Javascript.

It includes a 2 oscillator synthesizor and drum machine that only uses sounds created from Oscillators (no samples here). There is also a recreation of the old school acid house favourite TB-303 baseline synthesisor.

Web DAW also allows for live collaboration between 2 or more people with live updates to the tracks made using web sockets

Technologies include webpack, React, Redux, Web Components (Poymer), NodeJs, and

Djembefola is a non-profit website which educates and facilitates learning between people who are passionate and interested in Traditional West African drumming, dancing and culture.


My first attempt at a Javascript drum machine that would run in the browser. The DF-808 was inspired by the Man in Blue's JS-808, which was the starting point for this experiment before we had an Audio API in the browser. His version required a quicktime plugin to play the music, and my version in 2011 replaced the quicktime requirement with a html Audio node. This is before we had the Audio API for audio buffers and Javascript workers for more solid time keeping.