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James Farrell


Launch, New toys1 min read

I'm not sure if it's a cliche yet, but if not it soon will be. I have to say that it's such a pleasure to work with technologies like Gatsby and NextJS. I feel like it's so much easier to be productive these days compared to the bad old days.

Wordpress was this bad smell that wouldn't go away, but the end is in sight!

Developers hate dealing with the shitty code, and configuration nightmares that come with ecosystems like Wordpress. At some point it was hard to get away from because you would get so much for free with Wordpress plugins for doing nearly anything you could imagine.

The need to be productive, profitable and competitive caused many a developer to regret selling their soul to these dragons, but now there really is viable alternatives that allow you to be write good code, and be able to sleep at night.

I think that the domain of blogs and CMS were the last to die, but having recently gotten into Netlify CMS (a Gatsby based CMS) and it's crazy to think of how we managed before.

I love the future, and being a part of building it! Why does things keep getting better all the time?

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